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The world of serious sport and competition aerobatics is now almost
exclusively dominated by aeroplanes that are operationally expensive,
even in the lower competition levels, effectively preventing access to
pilots with less expendable incomes. In a sport that needs lots of
regular practise to develop the essential skills, it’s inevitable that
much talent is unnecessarily lost.




As the cost of fuel increases across the world, operationally affordable but competition capable aeroplanes must one day become fashionable and create a viable market to produce them. In the meantime, in retirement, my vocation and enthusiasm continues in the design, development and operation of affordable aerobatic engines and aeroplanes.

Barry demonstrates the Acro Advanced - HERE


Have fun! - Barry





*New* Proposed Wind Turbines Threaten Yearby Airstrip

A video has been produced to help people without an aviation background understand
the dangers of wind turbines next to airfields. Please watch our video.

Link to video

Image showing the site of the proposed wind turbines to the western end of the airstrip - HERE

Details of the planning application documents and letters can be found - HERE

Material evidence can be sent to the planning dept using this email address: